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Providing Strategic Packaging Support

The Challenge

One of our member companies wanted to utilise our knowledge and experience of future technologies and packaging solutions, to ensure that their business stayed ahead of the curve when it came to packaging.

The Retail Institute works closely with its Member companies, so when one of our members wanted to review their Packaging Innovation strategy, we were the obvious people to come to.

The Approach

A meeting between the companies packaging team and the Retail Institute’s technical & retail experts and Membership Manager was organised. During the meeting  priority areas and key objectives in the short, medium and long term were discussed and how these would be achieved.

At the outcome of the meeting, the company were provided with:

  • New ideas of technologies that could be explored in more detail, and contacts to discuss these ideas with.
  • An understanding of the factors that may affect packaging in the future, such as retail trends, omni-channel retailing and demographics.
  • An identified area of research that they wished to work with The Retail Institute on a consultancy basis.

The Outcome

The company undertook further research with The Retail Institute and identified an opportunity to bring a truly innovative solution to the market.

The Retail Institite Members have access to our expertise and knowledge, and are able to link with our network of contacts as part of the membership package. Confidentiality agreements are in place with all of our member companies, meaning that open discussions can really move thinking and ideas forward within the packaging team.

Membership services

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