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Impact Driven Workshop


A leading European packaging convertor wanted to strengthen its customer relationships through the use of innovative food packaging.

The company wanted to deliver increased value for its customers by pro-actively proposing cutting-edge innovations for food and drink packaging.

To achieve this, the company approached the Retail Institute to develop a series of workshops that would impart the necessary knowledge and skills.

The Approach

Working in partnership with the client, the Retail Institute developed a series of workshops that enabled them to identify a number of potential innovations they could present to their customers. The workshops delivered the following:

  • how to transition market research and trends into conceptual ideas for new products

  • developments in materials and what could be applicable to the customer’s product range

  • how the application of packaging can enhance the consumer experience

The Outcome

This workshop provided the client with the knowledge and skills they sought plus a number of conceptual ideas that have now been taken to the feasibility and costing stage.

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