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Funded Research and Development

The Challenge

Working with a local SME to develop an innovative packaging solution for its specialist food product.

A successful local SME had developed a specialist food product and sought support to both evidence the product’s nutritional claims and develop a packaging solution that would meet their specific needs.  The company also required support to fund the necessary R&D activity.


The Approach

Following an in-depth meeting with the Retail Institute’s funding expert, a regional funding opportunity was identified.  This enabled the Retail Institute to:

  • write and support the company’s funding application

  • undertake the product testing

  • identify both a pack solution and possible suppliers

The Outcome

The outcomes of this funded project enabled the company to go into full product production. Additionally, they are now working with a specialist packaging supplier and are currently in talks with a number of retailers.  The success of this new product range will enable the company to grow significantly.


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