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Creating the Perfect Sensory Experience

The Challenge

The Retail Institute was approached by a leading global consumer electronics manufacturer to work on a new packaging material for one of their products.

Thanks to our vast experience in product and packaging innovation research, we were asked to lend insight to the company’s next release.

The consumer electronics company wanted us to identify a material that consumers would love; a material that conveyed luxury and quality when a user held the device.

The Approach

We appointed a multi-disciplinary research team to undertake a variety of material and consumer research for this project.

With a wealth of experience from a range of different industries and sectors behind them, our team worked hard to identify a material that would satisfy both the client and its customers. The research included:

  • surface profiling and friction analysis of the different materials that could be used
  • extensive consumer testing to elicit initial perceptions through to qualifying research findings
  • in-depth analysis of the quantitative and qualitative findings using a number of specialist approaches

The Outcome

Once our research was complete, the client was provided with an in-depth report summarising our findings. This document provided the company with key insights and feedback, helping them to further develop an innovative new product with added consumer appeal. This also helped the product to quickly establish itself in the marketplace.

Our research also produced a number of valuable insights not directly related to the project we were working on. Ranging from information on customer desires to future technologies, the company went on to use these insights to refine other projects in development at that time.

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