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The Retail Institute

Product & Packaging Innovation

Supporting the needs of innovation throughout the sector.

Responding to the retail supply chains’ needs, to ensure that the product and packaging meet both consumer and business requirements.

Our experts work in areas such as marketing and design innovation, looking at everything from shelf-ready packaging and interactive packaging, to point of sale and sensory design. We are looking closely at how the digital world will impact product and pack design through new advancements in areas such as augmented reality and printed electronics.

We also have specific expertise to support new packaging development from structural design to testing. We are looking at the use of new technologies, materials and barriers to support more innovation in sustainable packaging. Our well-equipped microbiology laboratory can also support food product and packaging innovation.

  • Packaging Design and Innovation
  • Sustainable product and packaging development
  • Consumer acceptance of new retail technologies
  • Forensic Microbiology in Manufacturing
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Consumer Product Testing
  • Creative support and innovation processes



Product & Packaging Innovation Research Snapshot

We provided the background research for a scratch cook kit. We completed the market research, profiled the customer base, developed the product range, created innovative packaging and point of sale and also designed the marketing and communication messages for use on pack and in advertising for the retail environment.

Our experts worked with a company to research the sensory experience of drinking. The research has provided a new way of thinking about the drinking experience and has led to a number of new designs for bottles.

We have developed a new methodology for assessing the consumer acceptance of products and packaging. Our Affective Engineering methodology has been used widely in Industry to analyse everything from personal care products to new food packaging.

Other Research areas

Consumer of the Future

Taking a closer look at how the global consumer is changing

Retail Business Growth

Researching the key factors of profitability and growth across the retail supply chain.

The Retail Institute's expertise in packaging and their professional and creative approach to research has had a positive impact on our innovation process.
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