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The Retail Institute

Consumer of the Future

The world of consumption is changing and consumers are getting more demanding.

The global consumer is changing.

This research theme aims to further understand how consumers of the future will interact with retail and products. We look closely at how this can be improved, particularly from a customer experience and sustainable consumption perspective.  We specialise in:

  • Retail consumer experiences
  • Multi/Omni Channel Retailing
  • Future nutritional research for health and wellness
  • Digital engagement in store, in home and mobile
  • Consumer shopping Behaviour
  • Psychology and sociology of Retail
  • Changing Global Demographics

Our knowledge and expertise in how to map the consumer sensory journey through retail customer experiences as well as supporting healthy lifestyles, lets us understand how to improve messaging and communications.

We are constantly conducting research into how consumers operate in the ever-evolving digital world; how this impacts on the physical retail environment and what this means to future retail customer experiences.

Consumer of the Future Research Snapshot

Leeds City Council asked us to support the research and technology development for a Technology Strategy Board grant to retain existing and attract additional shoppers to the Market. Working with food traders and subcontractors, Markets Service wants to create a digitally enabled shopping experience merging a marketplace environment with digital support that brings local flavour and convenience for market shoppers.

The outcome will be a 3D digital platform, able to map any indoor market and a logistics solution that covers both delivery and food integrity needed to implement the 3D platform. This solution will enable market websites and apps to run the software. For Kirkgate Market the project will enable traders to adopt and benefit from e-commerce to increase sustainability and enhance opportunities. The Market will match the convenience of large high street and out of town retailers and provide additional reasons for shoppers to come to the Market, thereby supporting Leeds city centre. This model could be expanded to provide a Click and Collect hub.

In order to validate a company’s future global innovation strategy, we provided a robust research report including the demographic profiles of the future consumers around the world. The research was able to highlight the needs of the emerging consumers and informed a new product development strategy.

Success Story

See how we combined our vast experience in packaging innovation with our knowledge of different product categories to help a global manufacturer understand why some of its products were not attractive to consumers in certain retail stores.

Other Research areas

Product and Packaging Innovation

Supporting the needs of innovation throughout the product and packaging sectors.

Retail Business Growth

Researching the key factors for profitability and growth across the retail supply chain.

The guys at The Retail Institute are a unique bunch in that they provide a new language for designing packaging for the future. Their multi-disciplinary approach, their enthusiasm, coupled with their strong science base allows them to translate fuzzy future trends into a powerful and clear design requirements for leaders in design to delve into. All round, an excellent package!
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