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The Retail Institute


Combining comprehensive academic and commercial research to deliver results with impact for customers.

The Retail Institute can carry out the necessary research to explore exciting new areas within the retail, product and packaging industries. 

Our team of experts can produce comprehensive research that provides true insights when our clients most need it. Carrying out the necessary primary and secondary research that best suits the needs of our clients, our research enables us to explore exciting new areas within the retail, product and packaging industries for our clients.

What makes us unique is our ability to engage with a global network of academic and commercial innovative R&D partners. Our partners work across many different disciplines, developing new ideas for our clients every day.

By combining academic and commercial knowledge, we can provide unique insights that are not readily available in the commercial world. This enables us to generate new and near market knowledge or new developments that can make a real difference to our clients and their customers.

Whatever research we carry out, we understand the importance of providing you the information in the right format; bringing to life the research we deliver for the right audience. We produce research reports, visual infographics and presentations that allow you to disseminate the research throughout your organisation. And we always take the time to work with you to explain our finding, ensuring that you can understand and implement our recommendations.

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Success Story

Learn how we managed to convey the tactile feel of a new luxury product for a global consumer electronics manufacturer in our Research success story.

Our Research

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