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Ask the Experts

Available exclusively as part of a Retail Institute membership, Ask The Experts gives members the chance to speak to our team on a variety of subjects.

Submit a question, call or email our team of experts to access our extensive bank of knowledge and global member networks to help you with your next project. Whatever you need help on, our team of experts are on hand to help.

Join the Retail Institute today and use Ask The Experts to get answers to the following types of questions:

  • I want to find out about a specific technology, could you tell me where to start or who to talk to?
  • Is there anybody else working on a similar project that I can partner with?
  • We are having problems with the packaging for my project – can you help?
  • What retail trends are coming in the next five years?
  • What types of project is funding available for?

We take client confidentiality very seriously, so you can rest assured that your enquiry will be completely confidential.

If needed, Non Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreements can be put in place with our external connections prior to any discussion of your query.

Additionally, we will comply with any Non Disclosure Agreement / confidentiality requirements from your organisation. 

If you’d like to hear more about our Ask The Experts service, please contact us here.

Our Process

  • Your query is submitted to us by email or telephone.
  • We share our knowledge, including relevant literature, connections within the industry and academia.
  • We will have top level conversations with you if it sits within our own areas of expertise and experience.
  • Or we will undertake projects where more depth, research, scoping, training or support is required.
  • If required, a regular report can be produced to update you on the progress of each enquiry. (This will be sent to the member contact.)
Using the Ask the Experts service, The Retail Institute have helped P&G make significant connections with academia and industry, and have also provided useful insight into the world of retailing
Lee Burrowes P&G