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The Retail Institute


Monitoring industry trends and developing new research can be an invaluable source of knowledge for our clients.

The Retail Institute’s network of experts provides innovation, future insights and recommendations all grounded in research.

Many businesses could benefit from a short intense intervention to help solve an immediate problem or address a particular future need.

By monitoring industry trends and new research developments, our experts maintain a big picture perspective in their fields, making them an invaluable source of knowledge for our clients.

Our success lies in getting to the heart of what our client’s aspirations are; and we do this by working in a close, trusted partnership with them. Our extensive industry and professional experience together with our academic knowledge enables us to create effective and sometimes unexpected solutions.

Success Story

See how the Retail Institute identified an alternative extreme climate packaging solution for a leading food manufacturing company in our Consultancy success story.

The guys at The Retail Institute are a unique bunch in that they provide a new language for designing packaging for the future. Their multi-disciplinary approach, their enthusiasm, coupled with their strong science base allows them to translate fuzzy future trends into a powerful and clear design requirements for leaders in design to delve into. All round, an excellent package!
Brian Crombie Sun Chemical