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The Retail Institute

About us

The Retail Institute is the UK’s only academic research centre that leads the consumer experiences of the future in retailing, food and packaging. 

Alongside our innovative research, we work with suppliers, brand owners and retailers to help support their future product, packaging and retail needs.

We have a proven track record in working with commercial timescales and requirements, and our global network of experts are all specialists in their field; bringing academic integrity, impartiality and rigour to all their projects.

The Retail Institute was born in 1999 as Faraday Packaging, and brought together university researchers and companies from across the retail supply chain to work together for mutual benefit.

Previously recognised for our research into innovative product packaging, we have since extended our knowledge and expertise range and are now able to offer research and specialists in many areas of interest to our client companies, from retail technologies to performance nutrition.

The one thing that has not changed is that our experts provide a holistic approach to all our projects and they place the consumer at the heart of everything.

The Retail Institute has been awarded ISO 9001 Accreditation